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How to Become a DevOps Engineer

From the hottest programming languages to commentary on the Linux OS, get the developer and open source news and tips you need to know. Check out our product round-up of the Best DevOps Tools and Solutions. DevOps salary was another topic we covered in this tutorial, and we learned that, on average, DevOps engineers make $124,181 annually. Beginning salaries for DevOps engineers begin at $81,000 and the higher-end range lands at $189,000.

how to be a devops engineer

As a DevOps engineer, you’ll also need to be familiar with configuration management tools. These tools help IT professionals consistently configure the different system or network elements. GitLab is a GitHub alternative with DevOps features like continuous integration, security, and project management tools. Despite their similar names, there’s no affiliation between GitLab and GitHub. Completing a master’s degree in software development will help you advance your DevOps engineer career.

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From those postings, you should be able to see education requirements, plus the skills and experience needed to land a lucrative spot as a DevOps engineer. Be sure to research various job postings and make a list of all the qualifications you see, as they will likely vary from company to company. Besides education, experience, and the size of the company, your DevOps salary can vary significantly based on location. The city with the highest DevOps salary is San Francisco, California, with an average payout of $151,000 annually. Austin, Texas, meanwhile, has an average DevOps salary of nearly $30,000 lower.

how to be a devops engineer

Once hired, do not stop sharpening your skills and acquiring new certifications, as they can help you advance further down the DevOps career path. The work experience section of your resume will be particularly crucial to getting a job since that is where you can showcase the hard and soft skills employers seek in DevOps engineers. If you have experience in software development or operations, list any responsibilities you had that could relate to the DevOps workflow.

How to get into DevOps?

For example, there are DevOps engineer jobs that concentrate on platform development. You need to know coding to develop custom requirements in infrastructure automation and CI/CD. Also, for most DevOps interviews, you need to clear a coding/scripting round.

how to be a devops engineer

You can take a look at the best service mesh tools for microservices. Distributed systems are the basic building blocks for modern scalable infrastructure. You need to understand the basic concepts of distributed systems because most tools that you use for microservices are distributed https://remotemode.net/become-a-devops-engineer/ in nature. You must understand the fact that DevOps is not specific to developers or system engineers. It’s for anyone passionate about evolving practices, and technologies and willing to work in a collaborative environment where everything is automated to make everyone’s life so easy.